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Since its inception in 2009, SoL Philippines continues to grow as an organization and a community under the helm of passionate change consultants:

2008 Five (5) consultants from OCCI Center for Learning went to meet with Dr. Peter Senge at the Pegasus Conference; Sherry Immediato, Executive Director of Global SoL encouraged Philippine delegates to convene SoL Philippines.
July 27, 2009 SoL Philippines was approved as a learning community in formation by Global SoL with 20 members composed of OCCI consultants and OCCI corporate clients. 7 OCCI consultants attended the Pegasus Conference in Seattle in November.
February 2010 Membership with Global SoL was renewed.
July 2010 OCCI conducts the first run of Teaching Organizations to Learn (TOL), a 5-day workshop on Organization Learning with Dr. Juan Kanapi, Mr. Gody Eala and Ms. Marisol Lopez as facilitators. This was the mechanism for promoting SoL in the Philippines.
October 2010 Presencing Institute approved OCCI to carry the ELIAS Fellows Program in the Philippines. The 10-month learning journey begins with the TOL workshop, then to Cambridge to train under Dr. Otto Scharmer of the Presencing Institute. The 23 ELIAS Fellows also attended the Pegasus Conference and met with Dr. Senge during the SoL membership meeting. Seeing the commitment of the group, Dr.Senge promised to come to the Philippines to help in the work.
January 2011 Launch of The Rizal Academy for Innovation and Leadership (TRAIL) with Dr. Scharmer, as special guest. TRAIL entered a partnership with SoL Philippines to conduct learning events.
April 2011 Dr. Senge visits Manila for the first time; 400 participants attended the 1-day learning event at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel. A smaller group of forty had a two-day workshop with Dr. Senge at the Development Academy of the Philippines.