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Personal Mastery - Foundations of Leadership Excellence (FLEX)

A customised leadership course that has the elements of FLEX (Foundations of Leadership Excellence) as the foundation of Personal Mastery.  FLEX modules would lead to elevated awareness, a deeper sense of creativity, and a greater sense of self; it empowers, liberates, and allows a person to lead himself towards greater heights of productivity, perspective, and performance.
We need to connect the individual worker first to himself and then to the collective:  values, talent, and vision. 
It makes it easier for the Organization, then, to set the conditions that will allow employees to produce their best work.
Learning Objectives
  • Participants will experience an amazing journey of self-discovery and transformation.
  • Participants will examine their values, paradigms, attitudes, and behaviours and decide which ones create their success so that these can be nurtured.
Seminar Topics
  • Foundations of Leadership Excellence
  • Paradigms/Belief Systems
  • Vision, Mission, Purpose & Core Values
  • Motivation and Self Image
  • Personality and Leadership Styles
  • Conflict and Stress Management
  • Effective Communications
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Personal Assessment
  • Problem Solving & Creativity
  • Moving Beyond Our Self-imposed Limitations to Achieve Goals 100%
  • Synergy and Teamwork
Who Should Attend?
Individuals who are interested in:
  • Learning to use the principles of Personal Mastery in one's life
  • Reflecting on and/or refining their personal vision / goals
  • Effectively harnessing their inner strengths to pursue their goals
  • Managing the mid-life crisis